How we met…2003

It all started in 2003 when I started my first job at Pacific Theatres at the Grove. I was a 16 year old go getter and Joey was an 18 year old “trainer” assigned to train my new hire orientation group. I had my eye on Joey, but we were each on our own paths, and while we supported each other and also bickered like a married couple, the relationship did not spark until 2006. In 2006, we both got promoted to Operations Managers and each went off to our own theatres. It was then when we each missed the company of the other and it wasn’t long until we realized we completed each other.

Before text messages were a thing and AIM was still the cool form of communication, we spent hours chatting about our new roles as managers and about life’s obstacles. Each inevitably reaching out to the other for a shoulder to lean on. Then, through a random act of serendipity, I was going to the movies my friend Fernando and just happened to text Joey at the last minute. Joey responded that he was near and would love to join. After not seeing each other for a few months, we ended up at Arclight Hollywood watching, “The Shooter.” We were equally nervous through the movie. I knew something felt different and special. At one point,  Joey slowly reached over and placed his hand over mine, the butterflies kicked in and I knew it would be more than just a friendship.


One thought on “How we met…2003

  1. Amazing!!!!! I was just reading and crying!:-)

    Love u! Let the deep feeling of Love acompany you throughout your whole life!!!:-) Let all doors be open for you, my Dear! Let the path of your life be green, peaceful and full of wonderful surprises & joy!:-)

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